No perch to be found in Sodus Bay

Although I haven’t been ice fishing in a few weeks, I’ve heard of many people who have went fishing at Sodus Bay and have been unsuccessful lately. Besides being very busy with mid-semester work, one of the reasons I haven’t been ice fishing is because the past few times I went, the fish weren’t active.

Last weekend at breakfast I overheard a conversation at a table to the left of me. It was two men talking about ice fishing, so instantly their conversation drew my attention. One of the men asked the other if he went ice fishing at the bay and he replied, “no I’m taking the day off because the fish haven’t been biting lately, but my son is fishing at Cayuga Lake”. The other guy replied that he went out on the bay and gave it a try but caught “dinks”.

That same weekend, a family friend went ice fishing on Oneida Lake because he tried Sodus Bay all week and didn’t catch any keepers.

Zac’s friend went ice fishing this past Friday at Sodus Bay and was on the ice all day. He said that he only caught two small perch over the course of the entire day. On Saturday, my best friend Kayla also went ice fishing on the bay and she said she sat out on the ice for four hours straight and didn’t get one bite!

Talking with my boyfriend as we tried figuring out why the fish haven’t been active, we came to the conclusion that since it’s been such a cold winter and Lake Ontario has started to freeze, the fish have no need to move to the bay. We figured that the perch are staying in the deeper water since the lake is just as cold and starting to freeze also. When you think about it, it actually makes sense as to why the fish haven’t been biting. There are probably very few perch left in the bay if they’re staying out in the deeper water.

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