If only the end of the season was as good as the beginning

With the warm weather quickly approaching, I decided to fit one more day of ice fishing into my schedule…at Sodus Bay. Bad idea on my end since the fishing hasn’t been that great the second half of the season.

As a result of the frigid temperatures this winter and the wind combined, the ice has thickened to at least 30 inches. With that being said, it’s turned into an arm work out drilling holes with a hand auger. So, it’s only worth it if the fish are biting.

On Friday, March 6, my boyfriend and I were out on the ice for about two hours and neither of us got a bite. Nor did the three tip-ups we had set up. For me, I get antsy when I haven’t had a bite in over 30 minutes so this was a stretch for me to patiently wait for a bite.

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t catch a single fish and that was when I decided I was done fishing Sodus Bay for the rest of the season until next year because it’s not worth it anymore. It was fun while it lasted…in the first half of the season.

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