What’s in my tackle box?

tackle box

To describe every item in my tackle box would turn into a detailed thousand word essay because of the many jigs, lures and sinkers in it. First, I would have to specify which tackle box I’m talking about since I have one for every fishing season.

Since ice fishing season is still in effect and nearing the end, I will discuss my ice fishing tackle box. It has what seems like a million of the same thing in every color.  When I’m shopping at any sporting store I find myself buying even the smallest packs of jigs and other things that I already have and don’t need more of. Even when I stop at the bait shop on Bay Bridge to get minnows for the day, I find myself browsing at the jigs and lures. Every year, my tackle box gets filled even more than it already is.

There are plenty of sinkers, bobbers, colorful and shiny lures, lures with shiny fuzz on them, rubber glittery jigs, and sweedish pimple lures, my personal favorite! All are good for ice fishing!

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