Word got around quick

There’s a small creek where I go steelhead fishing in Sodus Point. In order to prevent people fishing while shoulder to shoulder, I’d like to keep the name of the creek quiet. However, word must have gotten around that the fish are in the creek. This was proven last weekend.

The location of this creek has three parking lots on each side of the road. One of the parking lots (the biggest one) which shouldn’t even be as big as it is had 46 cars in it. That’s more than enough cars than there is room for people to fish.

This trend wasn’t this way about 10 years ago. According to my boyfriend, when he went fishing in this spot when he was 12 years old there were never this many people fishing at this creek.

“If anything, there were five to ten people,” said Zac.

The more people, the less fish each person catches. Also, having a lot of people fish scares them and they don’t bite. Steelhead are fish that are easily spooked and can see the littlest movements above the water.

“The fish are going to be spooked because there are so many people fishing for them,” said Zac.

This makes for a bad start to steelhead fishing when you can’t even get a parking spot to fish.

The few that were lucky enough to fish caught a few brown trout, steelhead and even pike.