My most memorable fishing experience

My first salmon

My first salmon

I remember well before I even got into fishing and had my fishing license, I went with my boyfriend to watch him fish. My first experience watching him was in the fall of 2009 when he went salmon fishing. I had no idea that eventually one day I would actually be fishing with that much intensity trying to catch a 20 pound salmon at the very least.

The fall of 2013 was when I had my first salmon fishing experience. Needless to say, it was the most memorable fishing experience I’ve ever had. It tops many of the great fishing days I’ve had over the years.

It seemed a lot easier than it looked on the other side of the spectrum compared to when I fished myself. I had a rough start trying to get a salmon hooked.

Once my boyfriend helped me hook a salmon I was all on my own. I quickly realized that salmon aren’t like fishing for bass or sunfish. The salmon I had on my hook fought like no other.

Because there were a few trees knocked down in the creek, I knew they were quick ways I could lose the fish. On top of that, there were about 15 other salmon swimming up and down the narrow creek making a tight squeeze.

There was another fisherman who was fishing across the creek who hooked his salmon right after I did. At one point I was worried that I was going to lose the fish because both of our salmon intertwined our line. I remember the man saying “I’m sorry honey” because he thought I was going to lose my fish because of it.

Luckily I didn’t lose my fish, and neither did the other guy. We just had to move along with our line keeping it close so it wouldn’t tangle up. I fought trying to reel the fish in for 20 minutes. Once I got the fish close to shore, my boyfriend grabbed the net to get it off the hook easier without losing it back into the water.

Once I landed the fish, my arms trembled as I attempted to hold it sideways to get a picture with it. I couldn’t even lift the salmon properly, so my boyfriend took a picture of me holding it vertically.

To me, catching one big salmon was better than catching 10 bass in a day. The long fight was well worth it to have such a great memory for my first time salmon fishing.

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