Steelhead & Talking Dirty…

Ashley Rae -

What I feel to be the longest winter ever has FINALLY come to an end! I’ve already been out on the open water fishing Lake Ontario tributaries for steelhead (migratory rainbow trout). My ice gear is stored away and it’s time to focus on spring opportunities! Steelhead are incredibly spunky and I’ve enjoyed getting my heart broken from time to time and also landing these amazing creatures on my fly rod over the years. They can be found in Lake Ontario tributaries in the fall months and throughout the winter as they prepare to spawn in these waters come spring.

IMG_0657cwm Steelhead! I love releasing these fish just as much as catching them!

Trout have excellent eyesight and are found in cold and clear waters eating insects, small fish and roe (fish eggs) from salmon or other trout. In December last year I had the opportunity to get out with a friend and learn the…

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