Stream fishing not looking so promising for some

With the extremely nice weather from over the weekend, I headed down to Sodus Point to check out all the waterfronts to see how the fishing has been.

First stop, a small creek that leads to Lake Ontario. There were four vehicles in the parking lot, and out of the four cars I only saw one person fishing at the start of the creek. I asked if he had caught anything or saw any fish and his response, “Not yet”. Although that could have been his response because he didn’t want me to know the fish were there or it was the truth. However, I went to the next fishing spot, the pier in Sodus Point.

Sodus Bay has finally melted after a long winter of about 30 inches of thick ice. There are still some big chunks of ice floating on the bay, but the pier was clear.

I pulled into the parking lot by the pier and I saw about six people fishing. I tried anxiously for about an hour and didn’t see a fish nor did I get a bite. That was the end of that. As I was leaving, as fisherman do, we’re always curious to see how others are doing. A man stopped me and my boyfriend and asked us if we had caught anything. We simply replied “no”.

The man said he just came from fishing by Arney’s Marina in Sodus Point which is a small bridge where you can fit no more than five people per side. Some people even get on the edge of land beneath the bridge to fish. The fisherman said it was too crowded there so he left. He mentioned that his nephews who were fishing at the marina weren’t even catching any fish.

The spring weather has brought many people out fishing, but it hasn’t brought the fish out to be caught.

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