Up next, bass fishing

The next fishing season I’m looking forward to is one of my favorites…bass fishing!

According to the DEC website, bass season opens on the third Saturday in June through November 30 in the state of New York. This year the actual date of opening day  is June 20th.  Bass season includes fishing for small mouth, large mouth and black bass. The minimum length of a bass anyone is able to keep is 12 inches. The daily limit of the number of bass anglers are allowed to keep is five.

The great thing about fishing for bass is that they are found in several bodies of water.  When I go bass fishing, I fish for them in streams, ponds, bays and lakes.

There’s really no way to prepare for bass fishing because you don’t need a lot of equipment when fishing for them. Sometimes when I fish off a pier I would recommend having a long net to catch the fish in when trying to pull it up to you so you don’t lose it. Other than that, some of the most common types of fishing lures include worms (rubber or real), spinner bait, artificial frogs and crank bait (plastic diving lures).

Some other great things about bass fishing is that during a day of fishing, you can catch many bass which makes it more exciting. I also like that bass fight pretty good after being hooked. As soon as they bite the hook, you’ll know because they fight as much as they can to not get caught.

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